Doom64 EX 2.0 & Docs Released

Doom64 EX 2.0 is finally released, head over the downloads page to get it. For those who have already grabbed it, you may want to redownload it again due to a minor update involving some fixes to the console and game menu.

There are too many updates, changes and improvements to list here since version 1.4 though some of the biggest changes were the complete overhaul of the audio system, console, and interface. Many things were also tweaked and changed to match the exact behavior of the original game such as player movement, some enemy behavior tweaks, etc.

Needless to say I am quite happy with the way this project has headed and I hope to keep it alive with new features for modding in the near future. While mod support isn’t fully user-friendly yet, it is possible to begin creating custom content. A customized Doom Builder is currently being worked on to allow development of custom maps and there will be tutorials posted here soon.

A technical doc is also released for those who are interested in learning about all the technicalities that makes up Doom64. That and the game binaries can be found at the downloads page.


4 thoughts on “Doom64 EX 2.0 & Docs Released

  1. What an awesome project!It’s exactly like on the N64,especially if you play it with the controller.Congrats to all of you guys!

  2. It’s been pretty interesting to watch this project grow into what it is now. I remember back it was using USF or whatever it was and it was practically impossible to play smoothly.. now it’s very nice.

  3. I don’t really know if it’s the good place to list some bugs, but here are some minor problems I’ve found during the game :

    – Big audio problem in the level “The Eye of The Storm” : sound is scratched, music doesn’t play well… Quite annoying.
    – Kill Count in the level “Watch Your Step” go over 10000% at the end. Don’t remember if this is the same in the original game, but it was pretty weird haha.

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