Editor Released & Wiki Online

Decided to just release the editor now instead of waiting until all the tutorials are done. I barely have time to work on the tutorials and seems fair to just release the editor now instead of having to wait forever.

Download page has been updated with a link to the level editor.

In addition to the release of the level editor, a wiki has been added to document tutorials and other things related to Doom64 EX and Doom Builder 64. This new wiki can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/doom64ex/index.php?title=Main_Page

Although not much is available on the wiki, I plan on adding more content as time goes on. Also anyone is more than welcome to publish any tutorials on the wiki as well.

Discussion thread in regards to modding and the editor can be found here

2 thoughts on “Editor Released & Wiki Online

  1. Hello ! I just wanna say thank you for your work about this port, you’ve really done a great job since the beginning of this project and it’s a real pleasure to play this excellent game on a modern computer, with a better framerate and many great options added… That’s insane !

    Keep up the good work and many thanks again ! Cheers from France 🙂

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