Still really burnt out after the completion of Doom64EX but working on side-projects has definitely helped me build my enthusiasm back up for Doom64EX. Been lurking on the forums and been making notes of reported bugs and issues and hope to address them sometime soon. Been a bit discouraged with working on editing/modding features due to the lack of community interest but I am still looking towards in getting basic decorate support in which I hope it can spark some interest again. If there’s any editing or modding features you would like to see, feel free to post them on the feature request forum.

I’ve been looking into some alternatives for a network library such as ENET to replace the currently broken network system in Doom64EX. If there’s a better library out there that’s easy to implement and is written in C, feel free to give me the heads up. I am also looking for contributers to join the project and help improve Doom64EX.


3 thoughts on “Y U NO UPDATE?

  1. Kaiser, maybe it would be worth it to just open a sub forum at Doomworld, seems like a way to involve the community since I think almost all of us have accounts there.

  2. You shouldn’t be discouraged at all. I’m surprised you even have a few people into editing it considering how not well received the game was when it was released on the N64. Also some people don’t even know the game existed. My friend thought I was editing a map for the original doom when I was messing with doombuilder64 and playtesting a map. Kinda silly really when they don’t even look alike. : )

  3. Hello Kaiser. I talked to you on youtube (my nick was pulgadeboa), and I’m another man who played doon since was a child, I appreciated your work making this program to play this fantastic game with 2 or more players. If I could help you i would. What do you need by looking for contributers to join the project? I’m studying computing science to someday become a programmer. But I still have 3 years of faculty and for now I only know about Java and Object-oriented programming. I think that you need much more than that to make a complex program like this. Maybe I could help with other things.

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