Rare Doom64 Magazine Scans

Not really news but wanted to share some magazine scans that I’ve found of Doom64 in early development. One scan also covers an interview with some of the Midway developers, a photo of the team, a very early prototype of the game, and also discusses about the art direction that they went with.


4 thoughts on “Rare Doom64 Magazine Scans

  1. I actually remember seeing these some 15 or more years ago when Doom 64 was in development and it was the soul reason I bought a N64. I remember getting so excited a little bit of wee came out! Whilst Doom64 doesn’t have quite that effect on me any more I’m so please to see it on the PC with the chance of seeing more great levels to play. Would love to see the Out-Cast levels included in this EX version. Maybe one or two added levels and some super secrets added.

    You rock!

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