Compatibility and You

One of the biggest frustrations when working on Doom64EX is having to ensure that the game is able to run properly on most video cards. Back then, the N64 hardware was capable of doing some pretty cool stuff and Doom64 leveraged a lot of it’s features. Unfortunately a lot of those features, such as texture combining, wasn’t made available for PC video cards until 2001. This makes it difficult to get Doom64EX to look properly for video cards built around the N64 era.

After doing some investigations, I’ve came up with a final requirement list for getting Doom64EX to run or look properly on your video card. Clicking on the links below will list all known minimal video cards supported for that particular requirement:

That said, I’ve added a change to the game where it will no longer shutdown if it fails to find the required extensions so users with older video cards can at least still enjoy Doom64EX to some extent. So what does that mean? Basically it means that you can still run the game, but just don’t expect to see some of the cool effects. These effects that I am talking about are related to light flickers, glowing lights, item pickup flashes, damage flashes, etc. These effects makes use of the texture combining features in which the N64 version used. Instead of the glowing lights, the RGB colors will simply be increased but may look washed out and a overlay screen can be substituted for the the hud flashes. It won’t look anywhere as identical as the original but at least these users can still run the game. The look of the cloud for outdoor areas will also be effected as it also uses texture combining.

I am still looking for alternatives but as of now these are the new requirements. If you have any suggestions (especially if you have more knowledge of OpenGL) please feel free to provide any feedback.


7 thoughts on “Compatibility and You

  1. Well, I know I have decent card to run it. This game is still playable to the Nvidia 9000/8000 Series cards right? Not that I use those, but some of my friends got those. Thanks for the new’s Kaiser.

  2. Interesting! I think v2.1’s requirements aren’t extravagant at all. It runs fine on very inexpensive/modest hardware including stuff that is a few years old now, and even runs well inside virtual machines with limited resources, at least in my testing on the computers I have access to.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the info!

    • You’d think. After the release of v2.1, I’ve received an handful of PMs and emails saying that they cannot run Doom64ex on their machine and they’re using video cards from the Quake era. 40% of those messages are from users running on integrated intel chipsets which supports the most minimum features OpenGL has to offer. I am amazed at the number of people running such hardware like these.

      But I am pushing enough effort so users who don’t meet the requirements can still at least play the game to some extent, but I will make it very clear that they will not get the full experience.

      • That’s very nice of you Kaiser. Intel Integrated chipsets are common amongst those who are don’t spend the extra dosh on building a custom rigs or attempts to afford gaming machines. That’s a lot of people considering how diverse the number of users and gamers out there. Your doing well on most fronts.

  3. Not bad at all, in fact that’s what I’ve been stuck with for the time is relying on an integrated Intel chipset and I have had no visual or performance problems with the game on the latest build.

    The only thing I have had a major issue with before was a far earlier version that relied on shaders (something this card does not support) causing the game to crash with an error on startup, but that has since been resolved.

    The other issue I had that was quickly resolved was a required DLL “msvcr71” otherwise the executable wouldn’t launch.

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