Doom64 EX 2.2 Released & Editor Updates

**Update 03/05/12** A hotfix was applied to version 2.2 today. If you haven’t already, go re-download the 2.2 binaries.

**Update 03/04/12** Several crash-inducing bugs have already been reported and will address these issues as soon as possible. Expect another follow-up in the next day or so.

Version 2.2 is out and can be found on the downloads page. And now for the big list of changes:

  • Support for *Unix and 64-bit operating systems
  • Fixed auto-aiming causing de-syncs for network games
  • Regional features to support Japanese & European versions of the game
  • Drag and drop support for custom wad files
  • Network menu added
  • Fixed some auto-aiming bugs
  • Fixed infrared bug where all clients were affected
  • Obituaries added for network games
  • Better soundfont file detection
  • Improvements to console cvars
  • The way lines are rendered in automap is more accurate to the original game
  • New compatibility settings – lost soul limit and walk over actors
  • Improved renderer to support video cards without texture combiner support
  • Improved screen melt/wipe effect
  • Improved menus and added hints
  • Tweaked the ‘arranged’ hud type
  • Game now accept IWADs for custom wads/maps
  • Fixes to monster behavior for hardcore difficulty
  • Teleport fog’s z height is adjusted based on how the original game handles it

This is probably the last update that focuses on bug fixing and general improvements. The next set of releases will focus more on modding features. One of the biggest features that I will be doing is getting in decorate support which allows users to implement custom actors, projectiles and animations and slopes. I will continue to make updates to version 2.2 once users begin reporting bugs to me so keep on a look out for additional fixes and updates in the next few days or so.

Doom Builder 64 has also been updated which addresses a lot of minor quirks and other annoying things like macro data being reset or sector flag data being reset when having multiple sectors selected and so forth. Sorry, I don’t have a lot of time to work on new features for the editor but should be more robust since most of the bugs were addressed.

As usual, for any new bugs found please report them on the forums.


5 thoughts on “Doom64 EX 2.2 Released & Editor Updates

  1. Um, maybe this will sound a bit silly – what about the splitscreen? If I remember correctly, this feature was one among the rest of other mentioned in D64 EX. Is it playable/not yet, or it won’t be implemented?

    • No, splitscreen was taken out due to technical issues. Plus not a lot of people play Doom on splitscreen to begin with so it’s pretty much a ‘throw away’ feature and would just be a waste to support.

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