Bad Start To A New Release

This has turned out rather poorly on my end. Since the release of version 2.2, there has been a good number of severe bugs, including some that were completely overlooked. This was a boneheaded decision on my part to not have thoroughly tested this build before release. Hopefully by the end of this week all of the major show-stoppers should be eliminated. The build is being frequently updated so be sure to keep up with the recent changes and fixes.

Some of the major bugs fixed so far are:

  • OpenGL extension issues where it would try to load some features not available to video cards
  • Laser beam not drawing due to face culling enabled (was rendering the underside of the beam)
  • Failing to verify if an IWAD generated from a Japanese or European version of the rom was up to date.

Another problem remaining is Doom Builder 64 not launching correctly due to out of date SlimDX library. This issue occurs if the user has the latest Doom Builder 2 editor installed. Still looking into this issue and hopefully should get resolved sometime soon. I appreciate everyone’s patience and I apologize for the inconvenience.


6 thoughts on “Bad Start To A New Release

  1. Wow, thanks again for this! It’s so nice being able to play this game with proper brightness so I can see what’s going on and proper controls.

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