Help Wanted

Managing Doom64EX is hard work. Managing both Doom64EX and Doom Builder 64 is even more hard work. Now in days I just can’t find any time to continue updating and improving Doom64EX and the tool sets. So basically, I am looking for moderate to experienced programmers to help support and improve Doom64EX, but preferably, the level editor.

So if you love Doom and Doom64, familiar with the Doom tech, very good with C/C# and have nothing better else to do, then feel free to email me for further info.

And now time to disappear for several more weeks…


3 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. Your work on Doom 64 EX is great. I hope you find the help, time, or both, that you need to keep this project alive. I think v2.3 runs pretty well, is there any reason you can’t update the binaries on the DL page to 2.3 for now.

    I’d suggest inquiring on sites like NeoGAF (pretty popular gaming forums) or other gaming/retro gaming forums when you get a chance – there might be some support there. Your port was mentioned here a while back:

  2. I’m a little busy as of right now, but in give or take 3 months, I would love to lend a hand with this project!

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