Minor ‘Heads Up’

I completely failed to mention it, but a few days ago I’ve uploaded a new version of Doom Builder 64 which addresses some major bugs. Speaking of which, I will be reverting back to the ‘old way’ for macro editing. Seems like a lot of people now have been emailing in regards to their ‘dissatisfaction’ with the BLAM scripting language.

I’d figured I try something different but due to lack of time updating the wiki and writing up docs, I just can’t continue supporting this feature so in a few days I will be updating Doom Builder 64 with it’s old macro editing interface.

I’d truly appreciate anyone who can at least help out fleshing out the wiki and/or writing docs. If you’re interested, shoot me an email!


4 thoughts on “Minor ‘Heads Up’

  1. Hi Kaiser! , this is good news!

    Just a question , if you are reverting back to the old macro editing system , will that be an updated system or exactly the same as last?

    • This is great news. Hope it resolves some of the bugs with disappearing macros, it was quite difficult to fathom out the exact process for getting macros to stay. I think the next step should be, as a community, to try to “complete” Doom 64 – that is add in animations for weapons, add in the missing enemies etc. With all of the great work you’ve done, it should be a priority.

      • Decorate support is top priority but its also one of the most complicated systems to work with. This isn’t something that can be done within days but it is on my to-do list.

  2. I’m a little late, but I really hope the fact that this never happened means you reconsidered removing BLAM. I haven’t used it too much, but it seems superior to the old method of creating macros, which was really a pain. I can’t see how anyone could prefer that interface over simple scripts, outside of the fact that you need to know the name of the line specials you want to use, rather than picking them from a menu.

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