Possible Wiki Shutdown

So its now October 1st, and Sourceforge has yet to say anything about the mediawiki hosted app retirement nor has done anything in regards to prevention of installing the latest mediawiki version. On top of that, the current Doom64EX wiki has been vandalized and spammed to hell by bots. I know for a fact that not many people use the wiki to begin with and with that said, I plan on shutting down the wiki sometime this week. Any docs that does exist on the wiki will be translated into either a PDF doc or some other text-based format. Though, I have been looking into doing modding tutorial videos on youtube which may be a better alternative.

Support for Doom64EX has been overwhelming and trying to find the time to improve the editor and mod features is becoming more and more difficult. As I mentioned before, I am seeking contributers who would like to improve modding or the game itself so anyone interested please shoot me an email.


2 thoughts on “Possible Wiki Shutdown

  1. Sorry, this sounds pretty annoying. Thanks for all the hard work getting the port to completion though, great job!

    (Any word on the DS port? Been looking forward to it for a while…)

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