Some Non-Doom64EX Related News

Around late August, I’ve started work on TurokEX which has somewhat consumed most of my life (and sanity). I’ve made a lot of progress since then but there’s still tons of work ahead and I’ve realized that I might be biting more than I can chew with this project.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, TurokEX is my next reverse-engineering project which aims to recreate the N64 game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (and eventually, the sequels). Unlike with Doom64EX, TurokEX will be using a new engine built from the ground up and also won’t be attempting to match the behaviors/mechanics of the game that accurately. The engine (Kex2) will support a Javascript interface which users can script many different aspects of the game. Most of these features that I am currently working on will also be brought over to Doom64EX eventually.

The engine is still in very early prototype stages and I’ve barely touched the actual gameplay mechanics. Most of the time spent was getting the initial framework implemented and designing a system that works best with Javascript’s interface. While this is currently a one-man project, I am always open for any contributers who can help me out in improving the engine.

No forums, website, etc is available yet though I will post some additional news about this project whenever I make further progress.

Kex2Prototype-1 Kex2Prototype-2 Kex2Prototype-3 Kex2Prototype-4


37 thoughts on “Some Non-Doom64EX Related News

  1. Kaiser , you are my hero! , Turok Dinosaur Hunter is 1 of the best games ever made! , and now it gets even beter thanks too you! ^_^

  2. I’m sorry to hear that the work on this is causing a lot of problems. But if I ran a game company, I’d hire you on the spot along with a salary. I never met a programmer with your talents before. If I have, they might have their head in the wrong places. I wish the best for you Kaiser.

    • I am aware of the PC version, in fact, most of the disassembly is based on the PC version. The reason why I am still doing this is because the original PC version was a pretty bad port on top of limited options and a horribly outdated directx renderer.

      The goal of this is to recreate the game using a better engine more suited to modern hardware, support mods, and co-op games.

  3. Kaiser, you’re doing great work. I appreciate everything you’re doing for Doom 64 and Turok even if I haven’t played Turok.

  4. “Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (and eventually, the sequels).”

    Holy smokes, I think I just had a nerdgasm…. You sir are… awesome!

  5. What would you like help or assistance with?
    I’ll probably have a fair bit of free time on my hands in the next few weeks, I’d love to help progress this further 🙂

    • There’s a lot to discuss about, but if you can, please email me and we can discuss about it a bit more. But just to give you the heads up, its mostly cleanup, and maybe improving network system (assuming you have a programming background).

  6. Wahhh it loks neat *-*
    And you intend on doing the whole series?! 1,2 and 3?!
    I have no other words besides that’s awesome !!

    but as others said.. i still wish more news about the DS port of Doom64 😦

    • My DS died a long time ago, so its impossible to continue development on that until I can get a hold of a new DS unit.

      Also I do intend on doing 1 & 2, but I am unsure about the 3rd one.

  7. Sir you have huge respect from me, i absolutely ADORE Turok 1 – Dinosaur Hunter , and Turok 2 – Seeds of Evil for the N64, if u can get these for PC while being close to the n64 versions, Hell yes i will play and tell my friends, i know many people who will love this!

    • Check this video buddy. There are LOTS of people who want a proper porting of the N64 classics Turok 1 + 2 into PC 😀 like doom 64 ex 😀

      look at the enthusiasm!!!!

      Keep up the good work and dedication, people will adore you for it haha!

      • 100,000 + views on the river of souls song i mean come on haha, all these comments from people who MISS the hell out of this game, love the n64 version, and prefer an alternative to standard Emulators such as project 64, you are the man, Kaiser! 😀

    • Glad to see people getting pumped for this. I am making a lot of progress on TurokEX but as of now I am kinda taking a break from it in favor of getting an update for Doom64EX out the door.

      • Do not worry, take all the time you need, it will be released when it is ready. Keep up the good work!

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  9. Wonderful! I look forward to this as I never got the chance to enjoy Turok back in the day.
    I wish you luck on this endeavor Kaiser.

  10. If you’re still working on this, I just want to say holy smokes, this is the best thing I’ve learned. I came here to see if there was any Doom 64 EX update since I have that craving, but to know you’re planning to remake not one, but two and possibly three games I loved playing on the N64 made me smile.

    Update or no, now I’m excited for THIS news instead of an update for Doom 64 EX. =P


  11. That’s awesome.. like a dream coming true. I miss this game so much. You’re doing an amazing job. Doom 64 EX (which I only found about today by chance) was a remarkable achievement and I am very happy that you are taking on Turok next.

    I downloaded Doom 64 and looks pretty perfect to me. What’s missing to have it 100% done with.
    One more thing, I believe you’re a fan doing this out of love for those games, but I think you deserved more for the fantastic job you’re doing here. I had never heard of this project before and you should have much more reach by now. I don’t mean to offend you by asking that, but have you ever considered contact Id Software or Bethesda and show them what you’re doing here? How you make Doom 64 a perfect port for PC with widescreen resolutions, controller support and a lot of cool options? I don’t know brother, maybe you could get a career out of it. I’d gladly buy Doom 64 on Steam right now. Perhaps they would be interested to improve the project, add some achievement and put it up on steam… I think you deserve and you should try take your work to the next level.

  12. That is amazing. I only find out about this website and these projects today.

    I downloaded Doom 64 EX and it looks pretty perfect to me. What else is needed to be 100% completed?
    I’m also love Turok and I look forward to play it again after so many years.

    You’re doing a fantastic job, one that most companies failed when porting a old game to a modern PC, let alone a old console game to a modern PC.

    I believe you doing it by heart, because you are a fan passionate about these games, however I think you deserve more reach. I know you’re not doing it for money, but have you tried to contact id Software or Bethesda about the job you’ve been doing here? No offense, I know you’re not seeking profit, but maybe they would be interested to improve your project and take it to Steam.. plus you could get a career out of it. I’d gladly buy Doom 64 EX on Steam even though I can have it for free now.

    Believe it.. you’re doing something real here and you should be seen.

    Take care brother.

    • Feature-wise, its done. The only items left are modding features and some additional bug fixes. Also thanks for the feedback. I know I should be spending more time on Doom64EX but I’ve been too distracted with TurokEX.

      Little fun fact: I interviewed at id back in 2009 for a level design position but it ended up rather sour. Not going to say why though, but in the end I believe it was for my own good and I was thankful for that.

      Having learn from my experience with Timegate Studios, I don’t plan on going back into the game industry any time soon (or even at all). To me, game development (whatever if its mapping, or programming) is nothing more but a hobby to me. I don’t believe in profiting from any of it.

      • Ok then. I didn’t know you had your time on the game industry already. If you’re happy doing your thing the way you’re doing now, that’s what matters, right?

        As for Doom, yeah… don’t spend too much more time on it.. Just finished playing through and I didn’t find any bugs.. it played perfectly and smooth at all times. The game is a classic and looks good enough as its. You have applied everything that was needed to modernize it. (widescreen resolutions, key mapping, controller support and some cool features on the options menu) if you’re planning to fix whatever bugs may be still there (if any) fine, but leave the visuals as it is.. Your job there is done. By all means, I’m happy you’re now focusing on Turok, which is a much better game than Doom 64 by the way. (my opinion). Keep up the good work. Let me know if there anything I can help you with. I’m a 2D graphic artist, so if you need some HD hud or other 2D elements, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  13. do you take donations? i don’t have much money but i’m sure a lot of us would chip in to say thanks for doom64 ex and turok

    keep up the great work

    • There seems to be some issues caused by the host and I have no idea what’s happening. I’ve considered switching over to a new forum host though.

      So unfortunately, the forums are dead until I find a new host….

  14. Interesting. This reminds me how I feel like getting back to reverse-engineering PsxDOOM (and looking at all the PSX library functions used in the game).

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