Forums Permanently Down & Future Plans

For those who haven’t noticed yet, the forums have suddenly stopped working due to unknown reasons. Unfortunately I have no plans on trying to restore the forums (or even figure out why it stopped working in the first place) and instead will look into a new hosting service whenever time is convenient for me.

I have begun focusing on TurokEX as top priority now and I will be updating Doom64EX whenever I am in the mood for it. I will continue to answer all questions asked and if there’s any major or critical bugs that were recently found, then I’ll address them. In addition to TurokEX, I have already made plans on working on a reverse-engineering project for the PSX port of Powerslave.

If there’s any questions relating to Doom64EX modding, then I suggest post any questions you may have on Doomworld’s forums and I’ll try to answer them as much as I can. I really appreciate your understanding (and patience) and I apologize about the demise of the forums and lack of updates.

17 thoughts on “Forums Permanently Down & Future Plans

  1. Powerslave? What about Turok 2 and 3? Still part of the plan? Would be nice if some day you could save Goldeneye as well. The game is dead. A legal issue between Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision prevent the game to be re released and/or modernized. It runs poorly on emulators due to graphical problems and the controls are impossible for nowdays standards. Just an idea for a distant future… But first, Turoks 😀

    • Turok 2 will still happen, I just haven’t decided when I will be doing that. More likely after Powerslave.

      Turok 3 is a possible ‘no’…

      • hey personally id like to see a little more work on Doom Builder 64 but im just curious as to what all you may consider working on in the future? powerslave sounds kick ass but what about the original Goldeneye or something like that?

      • That’s ok. Turok 3 wasn’t very good.
        Anyway, did you like Goldeneye 007? Is it a possibility?

        Looking forward to see more shots from your progress with Turok. Keep it up.

  2. A greeting friend, here commented on Doom64 ex, I have 2 types of problem, one that the game automatically closes when playing in high dificiltad, “skill 4”, it makes me crash error is like when you use the cheat “noclip” and also went up a video where the enemy is freezer as a ghost

  3. will you be fixing the netplay for doom64EX anytime soon? me and my brother started a game but weapons didnt work, and it constantly crashed. i remember that earlier builds seemed to work ok, but now multiplayer seems broken.

    • Yeah, its something that I really want to look at but I can never seem to find the time for it. Its currently low priority for now.

  4. I personaly would like to thank you Kais for your hard and devoded job you did with DOOM 64, one of my favorite FPS and still my face doom game ever.THis amazing thing here is only missing the outcast levels from the TC port which all of them were awesome.
    I know network is not a priority but it would be awesome too !
    Man i would donate you on DAY1 for the outcast lvl port

    THANKS AGAIN! I wish you a a vrey good carrer after these!

  5. With the miracle that is Doom64 EX, and TurokEX happening…hearing even plans for a reverse-engineering of Powerslave PSX truly made my week. Such truly classic games these are!

  6. Are you planning on doing some kind of end of the year update post for TurokEX? I’m not sure how far along you are since I can’t code, but it looks like you’ve been busy updating on github. Also congrats on the EX engine as a whole. It’s extremely impressive for just one person. : )

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