Status on version 2.4 and future plans

It seems like its becoming a common thing that I keep mentioning about the next Doom64EX release and then just drop off the face of the earth. With the holidays and all and having a ton of time now, I am going to be putting in full concentration on getting version 2.4 out the door. This version will be focused on addressing as many bugs and issues as possible (and maybe squeeze in some new features) and I am hoping to be done with it either by the end of this month or sometime in January.

Once version 2.4 is done, I will be focusing on version 3.0 which will be a huge milestone for Doom64EX. This will include porting the game code to C++ and migrating some of Kex2’s codebase over to Doom64EX. What does this mean? Probably nothing important, but aside from that, I will be focusing primarily on modding features. Some of these features will include:

  • Slopes
  • Static and dynamic lightmaps
  • Baked lightmaps (like Quake)
  • Nightmare flag (flag any monster to turn into a Nightmare-ish monster, similar to PSXDoom)
  • Better input system
  • Potential Client/Server system
  • Custom object definitions

Speaking of which, after the release of version 2.4, Doom64EX’s codebase will be migrated over to Github. Again, probably not a big deal for some, but its something developers may benefit from.

Baked lightmaps is probably one of the biggest features that I’ve been working on for Doom64EX and while its not ready for verison 2.4, it will be ready for version 3.0. I am very excited to see it fully functioning and hope it will spice things up for wad authors, allowing for more atmospheric environments and being able to create really cool shadows.

And below is a sneak peak of ‘Nightmare’ flags in action. Basically you can flag this on any monster and it will give it the ‘PSXDoom’ Nightmare look to it and doubles its health.

In other news, in case no one noticed, the forums has gone through quite a large makeover thanks to meleemario and sector666. They have done some amazing work on improving the forums.

So yeah, lots of exciting stuff and improvements coming soon! Cheers!

13 thoughts on “Status on version 2.4 and future plans

  1. Insane news. Awesome work. Thank you for your hard work and excelence. Keep it up. Cant wait to replay it when the final version is released. Any updates on Turok? Maybe you could post some new shots? It doesnt matter if its not pretty yet. 🙂

  2. These lighting effect look amazing, giving this old game a much more up to date look. Im hoping it’s going to be fairly simple to apply to maps. Dont think I’ll bother making any more until Ive checked this out 😉
    Keep up the good work.

    • Its more or less like how it works in Quake (particularly Quake 3). There will be a 3rd party tool that will build the lightmaps and depending on how complex your level is, it could take several minutes or even up to an hour to build.

      • Sounds cool. I’ve only one map I think would be a challenge ‘DECK666 DM’ the others are fairly simply lighted so shouldn’t be a problem. Is the picture third from bottom showing a new texture pack or is it just the enhanced lighting? Looks very Aztec and the stone carved faces on the walls look great!

  3. When it’s all done and dusted, would you be able to port those lightmapping features to GZDoom? Because that would be SO FREAKING AWESOME!

    Great work on Doom64 EX so far, it’s amazing what you’ve managed to accomplish.

  4. Superb outlook! I’ve already played through D64 using v2.0 but could imagine doing it again in v2.4 (or v3.0 at the latest). Meanwhile I make sure to recommend D64EX to everyone I know/meet who’s a fan of FPS in general and the (PC) Doom franchise in particular.

  5. Doom V 2.3 was perfect in my opinion, but the 2.4 with this new effects will be Great. i will be waiting to download your final version. Great Work thanks for still working.

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