Doom64 EX 2.4 Mac OS Version Available

Downloads page has been updated with a link to download the Mac OS port of Doom64 EX. Note that this may only work on Mac OS X and may experience some audio issues on Mac OS 9 and below.


7 thoughts on “Doom64 EX 2.4 Mac OS Version Available

  1. How strange. I can’t actually launch the application bundle, however I can manually start the binary from the commandline. If I try to run it with the bundle, or execute the binary with a script, it segfaults. The same thing happens if I pick up health or armor.

  2. Mac OS X build maintainer here, sorry guys. They were a bit rushed 😛 I’m still getting used to OSX-isms. New packages will be uploaded “soon-ish” but there’s a bunch of things I need to fix for the next release. Many, many bugs were found after v2.4 and though v2.5 for Windows is stable, there’s a few perplexing issues on Linux and OS X that I’m sorting out currently.

    So yeah, no ETA, it’ll be posted as soon as it’s finished and in a satisfactory state.

    • (Edit:) Sorry, for a moment it was referring me to some facebook page.

      Anyways, I had someone to help out with the MacOSX port but it has been a while since I heard from that person.

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