Hot-fix Currently In The Works For Version 2.5

I am currently working on a patch for version 2.5 that should (hopefully) address a savegame bug relating to thumbnails. If you get a crash log, please report them to me if possible.

Thank you for your patience!

Edit (02/27/14): Seems like I am running into even more bugs. Huge thanks to those reporting them to me! More likely instead of a hotfix, this will end up as another version release once I am done.

22 thoughts on “Hot-fix Currently In The Works For Version 2.5

    • I’ve already ported it. Unfortunately my DS died as well as my R4 card so I never got to continue with the project.

      It was almost fully playable as well.

      • …but you’re never really public it, right? I’ve seen that DS source branch is available. Is this the working/compilable one?

      • Yes, but it was built with an old version of DevKitPro and I am not sure if the current version will be able to compile it.

      • the DS source code snapshot compiles for me with the latest devkitPro. there are some problems with compiling wadgen, but it’s not DS related. Cmake doesn’t work and compiling the few files and linking them gives an error in one sound-related file ( signed char* – char*). i changed the signed char* to char* and it compiles and links but i didn’t test it if it actually works…

      • Actually, I can help you with testing, have an working DS on my hands. If you’re allow to pass me the exeutable, send it on my mail: mironicus at gmail dot com

      • I’m running dsdoom-1.2.1 just fine with an emulated R4 in an svn build of desmume. It’d be a little too hard telling you how to do it in a single post here though. Do you have an e-mail listed anywhere?

    • Yeah.. I had one. It was when I went to reload a game. in the first lvl near the starting point right on the starting point in fact. near that rear door.. It said something main. I’ll look into my logs it made one so I should be able to report anything here. thanks. Oh and by the way this looks and feel like the DOOM 64 version but 10X better. 🙂 It’s ultra smooth and glidy. My I still get stuck on corners but I think I saw an options in the menu to stop that .. at least I Think it was.. anyway yeah. I’ll post here again if I find it which I will.

  1. Nice, thanks for the fix! I had a post before about running homebrew on desmume which was incorrect. I thought you needed the R4 firmware and the arm7 / arm9 bin files, but I guess they’re uneeded. Anyway I’m sure doom64ex would run fine with it if I could get it compiled.

    • I’ve got it running on my DS Lite before it died but I recall having some people testing it on a 3DS and was getting exception crashes. I wasn’t able to debug it as the exception memory address was out of scope (guess it’s different for 3DS users) so I never had the ability to fix it.

      More likely you won’t be getting that issue on a emulator. Seems to work smoothly on non-3DS devices though….

      • That sucks that it’s not working on a real 3DS. At least in desmume I can get it to mention it can’t find a wad file, but I can’t build wadgen at all to see if it crashes or not. It complains about resource.h missing when I try to compile it plus I think you’re using MFC (?) so it probably wouldn’t work in visual C++ 2012 express anyway. It’s times like this I wish I was a real developer. : P

  2. Nice work man. Been let’s playing this hoping to get you noticed a little more.
    If you don’t mind my doing that, I’d like to continue.

  3. Hey Kaiser.

    For some reason on 4:3 resolutions, there’s this weird sprite glitch on the shotgun, and a few weapons of a black line drawn right across the edge of the Sprite. I don’t know why it does that. I haven’t tried other resolutions yet. Think you could also add a 5:4 resolution 1280 x 1024 to Doom 64 EX? I use it as my primary to multitask on twin monitors single GPU setup.

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