Kaiser Interview

Not exactly related to Doom64EX, but I’ve been interviewed regarding to my passion for Doom, programming, and level design. You can read about this weirdo (aka me) here.

6 thoughts on “Kaiser Interview

    • I’d say ask him. Even if he only has screenshots as opposed to the 3D models of all the monsters it’d still be extremely useful. Someone could use those to create better high res sprites for the game based on them.

  1. Where can I get the Crossroads map? I don’t see it on your Doom wiki page, and a couple searches on idgames pulled up nothing. I’d be interested in other recommendations for whatever else you consider your best work, too.

      • Hello kaiser, I’m sure you’ve heard of Nathanial Herman’s gameception app. So I’ve been looking for doom 64 for it. I figured that the absolution wad would be the perfect wad to put on gameception. I tried it and was really happy when I saw that it worked. But then doors and switches wouldn’t work and some rooms would kill me as if I was in lava or hell slime. Even though my reply has nothing to do with this forum, I was wondering if you could edit the absolution wad and emlil it to me. I couldn’t find anyway to contact you. I have doom builder, but I’m too damn lazy to learn more about making and editing wads.

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