Status on Version 2.6 and TurokEX Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates; work and obsession with TurokEX has prevented me from making frequent updates to Doom64EX however, version 2.6 will be available sometime this month. Hopefully this version will address the remaining bugs that’s present in version 2.5 and the next releases after that will be focused primarily on features and mod support.

I’ve been spending a large chunk of time invested in getting TurokEX done and just realized just how complicated this project has become, but despite of this, I’ve been making a lot of progress. Some of the latest features I’ve worked on is enhancing the renderer and incorporating some modern rendering features such as motion blur, FXAA, bloom, and light scattering. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how to properly incorporate shadow maps and SSAO as well.

Eventually there will be a new wordpress site dedicated to TurokEX but that will happen as soon as the project matures more.

In the meantime, here are some more progress screenshots of TurokEX:

35 thoughts on “Status on Version 2.6 and TurokEX Updates

  1. Holy moly sweet baby Jesus!! Are you kidding me? This looks beyond all expectations. This lighting looks superb.. and 60 fps too. Just brilliant. I don’t even want to know about Doom64 no more… I want TUROK! \o/
    Looks insane. Fantastic work mate. šŸ˜‰

    • You dont want to know more about doom64? lol
      This page only exists because of the doom scene support.
      It will be outrageous if Kaiser dont do more updates on Doom64ex, because of the Turok that is a subpar and mediocre FPS.

  2. Man i love doom64 EX. I wish you could add the outcast levels and forbidden deeper as an addon. And ofcourse the new monsters that were included in the levels. Plz finish with doom before going to turok :/ dont leave behind this awesome project.
    The only problem i found so far on doom is with the aiming. the crosshair has to be even higher to hit the monster in the middle section.I mean that if i go to hit him at the legs he will shoot the ground

  3. I would really like to have doom 64 ex able to Mod with.

    It’s the only thing it needs to be flawless. ( Modding features )

    I hope you’ll come with it in next versions. it would be awesome :O

    • Well, d64ex is already moddable to some extent. Right now, custom textures and levels are possible but yeah, it could go for some more features.

      • Thats cool, but i was talking about Modding feature like Decorate thing something like we can do in Zdoom if u know what i mean. Is it the thing to be supported with d64ex ?

  4. Wow! Crazy!

    Is that lighting volumetrics screen based or an actual volume?

    Similarly, is the motionblur going to be a screen based effect (camera turning and acceleration) or per object?

    Perobject looks fantastic.

    • I haven’t figured out how to do volumes yet. It’s all done as a 2D post process effect. Also motion blur is only done on the camera, I haven’t figured out how to do it per object as well.

      • Will the same option (smooth framrates) be available in TurokEX? On older PC’s it will be less stress to the CPU/GPU if you toggle off smooth framerates, so I want to know if the sape option will be available for Turok. Keep up the good work, Kaiser.

  5. WOW!! Incredible work! I sure miss playing those early Turok games. They were awesome…then it all went to hell later. I hope you are successful. I can’t even imagine the time you have spent on doing all this. Great Job Kaiser!!!

  6. This looks absolutly amazing!! you are truly great for doing this to our old beloved turok.

    Cant wait for it… but i will, for as long as it takes.

    Again awsome work!!

  7. Will TurokEX support Turok 3 or Rage Wars? I have and still play Turok 1/2 on PC, which surprisingly work on 64bit machines, but Turok 3 and Rage Wars were N64 exclusive, I’d love if you gave them the Doom 64 EX treatment and give proper PC versions to those games.

  8. Hey boss, this project is looking killer! I ALWAYS wanted to relive some N64 classics without being hindered by the console’s humorously bottlenecked hardware. Two questions though, are you planning on including 16:9 support? What about being able to be rendered in 1080p? Obviously the former is more important than the latter, since these games were developed with 4:3 screens, and they look like they still do. The resolution isn’t a big issue since it will be somewhat hidden with anti-aliasing, but it’s still there. šŸ˜›

    Good luck with this!

  9. Hey looks great! If you are interested, a friend and I were trying to decompile the files in Turok 2 for PC. We were reading the hex code, and trying to reconstruct how it is read. We were able to break out alot of the model assets, but didn’t know how to reconstruct them. Email me if you want to find out more. Maybe you can figure it out and use model assets for your project. Is this for PC?

  10. Are there any plans of adding something to Turok EX where you can uncompressed the music and sound files of the N64 rom to make them sound better and maybe add this feature to Doom 64 EX and future EX projects?

  11. Now nightdive studios released a turok “remaster” which aims to do a lot of things you were trying to do here but not as good as how you were doing it. I got this question, considering that turok “remastered” came out some days ago but it doesn’t has all the good things you were trying to add to turok, are you going to continue to develop this mod? please anwser me kaiser and i hope you still work on this mod because this update it’s way too old and this mod is better

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