14 thoughts on “Strife – Veteran Edition

    • Yup, that’s what’s going to consist in version 3.0 (which will pretty much scrap the entire codebase and starting from fresh on SVE).

      • I really hope you can fix a number of annoying bugs in the port including having to read custom music. It’s annoying how everything else can be modified except the music.

  1. Any idea what the rights/IP situation is with Doom 64? Would be great to get EX officially on Steam and gog, broaden the audience and get you paid for your work. Maybe the next project for Night Dive (after NOLF of course)?

    • I’d rather not have Doom 64EX be sold. I think Doom 64 should be made as abandonware so everyone can get it since Midway went bankrupt.

  2. Hey, are you able to fix the Mac OS X version of Doom 64 EX? WadGen won’t work, it just spins for a split second and then crashes.

  3. Here’s an idea if you guys plan on adding more content. Do a side story using one of the other characters in the game. That way it wouldn’t affect the main storyline in any sort of way. Doesn’t have to have voice acting either.

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