Powerslave EX WordPress Site Launched

Guess there’s no need to be quiet about this anymore. But anyways, Powerslave EX has been in development for a month now and I’ve decided to create a new blog dedicated for this project. You can find it here: https://powerslaveex.wordpress.com/

There’s no deadline or any date that I intend on finishing this other than “it’ll be done when its done”.


21 thoughts on “Powerslave EX WordPress Site Launched

  1. Awsome stuff!

    One question though.. how in the world are you gonna be able to finish any of this in a resonable amount of time considering you are alone right?

    Maybe to many balls on the roll at the same time ?

  2. Wonderful news, I love this game, still own it for the Saturn.
    I have been playing your Doom64EX mod a lot lately and have a question for you:
    How hard would it be to get it to run the other N64 fps games like Quake, Quake2 & Hexen?
    I’m guessing that you heavily tailor it to the game and it isn’t as easy as just loading up the rom/wad files?
    Also there is this little known game called Goldeneye….

    • There’s not enough significant changes or unique features in the N64 ports of those titles to consider making an ‘EX’ project for.

      • Hey, thanks for the reply.
        Quake2 on N64 is not a port. It is its own game like Doom64 is.
        Judging from your comment, you haven’t tried it.
        I strongly urge you to give it a play.
        Goldeneye was a N64 exclusive!
        Goldeneye Reloaded wasn’t a HD remaster, it was a remake, it strayed too far from the original.
        I am a big Quake1 fan but truth be told, it is really similar to the PC version.

        As I said tho’ please check out N64 Quake2, it is a great game in its own right.
        Please keep up the good work!
        Best regards,

    • “…PC is the best version…” In your opinion.
      Let’s assume that you have played through and finished all the different versions & analysed the differences, I would be interested to know how you came to this conclusion?
      In the (’95,’96) pre-3dfx era of PC gaming, the consoles held a distinct advantage over the PC regarding 3D gaming: Hardware. At the time the PC was using pure grunt to force things to happen in software.
      The PC platform will always (well mostly,ignoring compatibility) have scalability on its side but this can’t always make up for the lack of optimisation (or in ’96: Custom hardware).

    • The PC version is inferior in the case of PowerSlave/Exhumed. The PC version used a very early version of the Build Engine (pre-Duke3D), while PowerSlave on the Sega Saturn and PSX used Lobotomy’s SlaveDriver engine, which was True 3D, and supported much better lighting. The gameplay was a lot better as well on the Saturn/PSX versions. (The Saturn version was first, and is the original.)

      • Interesting stuff.
        I own the Saturn version and at the time wondered why the psx version had blue scorpians instead of red spiders/crabs?
        Also, I believe Saturn Duke & Quake uses Lobotomy’s engine too.

  3. Holy balls! Why did I just found about this now!

    This has just made my day. Loved playing Exhumed on the PS1. In fact I still have the game and now I’ll be able to play it on the PC. Not really a fan of the PC version.

  4. I checked out Powerslave EX, you did a excellent job on it. Are there any plans of making a EX port of Quake 64? That was my favorite version of Quake 1. I like the music, the sky textures and the color lighting that version had. A EX port would be awesome, especially someone will be able to make N64 versions of the six missing PC levels.

  5. I’ve been checking back regularly, and i’m curious as to what progress has been made on D64ex (if any). just a huge fan hoping that this project is still alive! I’m only a little scared because your last post was in February 😀

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