Its Happening

Yeah I know, more unrelated news, but figured I mention this anyways since it runs on the same engine that powered PowerslaveEX. Its kinda funny how much this has evolved since the first time I announced it….

12 thoughts on “Its Happening

  1. BUT……what about DOOM64 EX ?

    Been waiting and waiting AND waiting for a long time for the new update….

    But you’re still doing a GREAT JOB so thank you !!!!!

    And I will keep waiting……. πŸ™‚

  2. Pretty happy with this so far It’s fantastic! Any word on a map editor.. or at least a command to spawn monsters? My favorite thing to do in Turok was to make the enemies fight eachother (Also really glad you left that mechanic in!). Would love to spawn some enemies and watch them fight to the death!

    Great job by the way, it turned out fantastic man!

  3. Wow, long time no see Kaiser. It’s Esco (I assume you remember me?).

    Hard to believe Doom64 on the PC has come this far. I remember originally sending out the sound effects to this game on 56K on the Doomworld Forums, and then Elbryan using his TV card to get even more stuff from the game. Hard to believe all this turned into him and you remaking the game from scratch for the PC and now you remaking it yet again and even improving this much on the original. I have to say the results look awesome and I’m enjoying playing this! I’m looking forward to TurokEx too.

  4. Can you guys please, please, PLEASE do a Turok Rage Wars conversion? That game has the capability to be such a fun and competitive shooter but it’s handicapped by N64 controls.

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