Doom64EX Status

For those who are unaware, I have been swamped with other projects (one of them being Turok2 EX) and has left me with little to no time to update Doom64EX. However since the most recent release, I have gotten help from a few contributors. For the time being, dotfloat, MP2E and Quasar will be assisting me in maintaining Doom64EX.

The following is a list of goals that dotfloat hopes to accomplish:

GitHub repo:

New Stuff:
* SDL2 support
* Wadgen integration
* Various bugfixes
* 64-bit support on Windows and Linux

What needs to be done before a full release can be considered:
* New UI for Wadgen
* Fix save/load-related crashes

What won’t be considered for the next release:
* Multiplayer
* Doom Builder 64

Plan for the future:
* Full controller support
* Support for multiple image and audio formats
* Scripting

While nothing is set in stone yet, since I have the tenancy to drop off the face of the earth, I do have plans on migrating the Kex3 codebase with Doom64EX as I start wrapping up other things. This will introduce a ton of new features and improvements (hopefully) from my other projects. Anyways, thanks for keeping interest in this project wish the guys the best of luck!

10 thoughts on “Doom64EX Status

  1. Awesome to have any more work done, but I still do have hopes for Mp eventually! No rush. I should have got you a bunch of hits recommending Doom 64 EX on and on one of AVGN’s videos on D64! Hopefully you get some more donations. Reminds me I need to donate soon!

  2. I’m not certain since it’s hard to find images of the game on the actual hardware, but I think that Doom64 EX doesn’t have N64’s 3-sample bilinear filtering. Will this ever be added? It would help with some angled textures, like fences and pentagrams, and I suppose add some authenticity. Here it is recreated in HLSL and here’s some chat about the filtering

  3. Will doom64ex still going o keep the current system requirements, or will the system requirements be upped since it incorporates things from the turokex engine? I was wondering since I was unfortunately not able to run turok on my computer due to the opengl 3.0 requirement. I’m still on xp with ogl 1.5. I can still run the last version of doom64ex luckily though.

  4. Thanks for your work guys 🙂 Id love mp coop getting more attention but even just working on Doom64EX its fine by me!

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