Differences between Doom 64 EX 2.5 versus the official remaster

Apparently I’ve been seeing this question pop up pretty damn frequently so I will be posting a list of the more significant differences to be found in the official remaster compared to EX 2.5. Please feel free to share this, as I am tired of having to answer this question myself!

I apologize in advance if some of these things sound too technical. Because most of them are.

  • Uses the newest version of Kex Engine for its framework. It was necessary since it’s already scalable across multiple platforms. This does not affect the game in any way and the game logic for Doom 64 remains intact.
  • Up/down look and jumping removed. The goal was to keep this release of Doom 64 as ‘Vanilla’ as possible, plus it saves the issues when having to deal with the sky and player getting stuck in levels.
  • Switched to a shader pipeline-based renderer. Again, this was something that was necessary as modern graphic APIs now do not support the features that Doom 64 EX relied on (legacy OpenGL features like texture combiners, etc). All effects are now driven by pixel shaders.
  • Depth buffer is no longer used and instead now follows how the original game rendered the scene. This means that sprites will no longer be cut off by floors or walls depending on the order of subsector draws. Additionally, sprites are now fragmented based on the subsectors they overlap
  • Better awareness for widescreen aspects
  • 3-point texture filtering emulation
  • The way clouds were rendered is now correct
  • Demos now work, including the hidden hectic demo and intro map (there are some side-by-side comparison videos on youtube)
  • The timings of some executed scripted events were off by 1 frame. This is now corrected in the official release. Good examples are the blue key door in Breakdown and the scripted areas in Main Engineering. Compare the two and you’ll see what I mean.
  • Non-player objects have slower gravity (they fall down %25 slower than the player)
  • The entire original collision detection is now retained in this release, this includes all bugs (was needed for demos to sync correctly)
  • Projectiles fired from the player will immediately explode if the player is ~5 units away from a wall (not sure why Midway did this, but was needed for demos to work)
  • Monsters are now able to trigger linedef specials flagged as ‘death trigger’. Flag seemed to be multi-purpose, but monsters are now able to trigger the dart traps in Even Simpler
  • Logic for light strobing and glow effects were wrong – corrected in this release – also needed to make demos work
  • Logic for doors and platforms were wrong – ‘RaiseToNearest and RaiseAndChange’ were suppose to move at half the speed
  • Logic for perpetual platforms were wrong – Used a different randomization logic – needed to make demos work
  • Additional brightness setting in addition to the game’s original brightness setting. It applies an additive layer over the screen to increase the brightness even further
  • Automap controls is now idential to the original (hold use button to pan around)
  • Wav files are now used for sfx playback instead of MIDI


Happy? Me too.

1 thought on “Differences between Doom 64 EX 2.5 versus the official remaster

  1. Can we expect quality of life improvements or a move complete release of the sourceport? Having the game trying to be 1:1 as the original is cool and all (altho stuff like the Rocket Launcher recoil is still wrong in the new release), but simple stuff like having Kill/Secret count on screen, being able to zoom out the minimap, proper mouse aiming & crosshairs on screen (and thus disable the autoaim the game has), jumping capabilities.

    Said release can be un-official, of course, but i think its pretty important. As it stands we will need to rely on other un-official teams to bring Doom64 to modern standards, which hopefully can happen if this is beyond the scope of this project (which would be sad, as Doom64 EX is more feature complete, but still heavily buggy nonetheless with missing enemy spawns and wrong kill/secret counts).

    I really dont want the official Doom64 release to be just a WAD downloader, which is exactly how i treat all official Doom/Doom2/Ultimate Doom releases. Besides, we are actually losing the
    best would-be sourceport in this way 😦

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