Doom64 EX 2.4 Released

Hell has frozen over; Version 2.4 is finally out! You can grab it at the downloads page. Once downloaded, be sure to run Wadgen again to create a new copy of the IWAD.

While not a major milestone, this version however, addresses a large portion of issues and bugs.

Some changes include:

Addressed Bugs:

  • Fixed doom64 logo from persisting when titlemap event re-launches
  • Addressed issue where titlemap music would de-sync when uncapped framerates are enabled
  • Force-clear all sources in audio channels (Z_Free error)
  • Fixed issues with external palette loading and palette animations for world textures
  • Handle mouse buttons in its own event state (causing bugs with clicking on menu items with the mouse button)
  • Abort loading titlemap if map33 doesn’t exist in mapfino
  • Fallback to lower depth/buffer settings if can’t initialize OpenGL (fullscreen)
  • Fixed diagonal scrolling sector thrusting
  • Fixed spinlock bug with audio system
  • Fixed bug where automap inputs would not eat the input events while shooting in automap panning mode
  • Support for 1440×900 resolution
  • Blam tool now allows non-sequencial macro ordering
  • Updated Builder 64 configs so it can find common.txt and other local script files where the wad is based at (Blam tool)


  • Fully re-bindable XInput buttons support
  • Cleaned up and improved controls menu
  • Full demo recording/playback support (based off of Prboom+)
  • Initial implementation of nightmare actors
  • Force free look option for mapinfo
  • Can now take screenshots while menus are active
  • Removing iwad checksum verification
  • Removed health and damage scale variables

The installer for Builder64 has also been updated which contains the fixes mentioned above. Simply re-download Builder64 from the downloads page.

Nightmare Flag

All monsters in Doom64EX can now be flagged to become a ‘Nightmare’ creature. This gives it a subtractive blend as well as doubling it’s health and projectile power. This feature has not been thoroughly tested and is expected to change. Any bugs encountered, please report them on the forums.

The Builder 64 update should contain the updated configuration files which allows you to flag a monster as a Nightmare creature. After re-installing Builder 64, the thing editor should now look like this:


Note that this flag does not apply well to all monsters. Due to the nature of subtractive blending, most monsters will be very hard to see. However, Demons and Hell Knights seem to benefit the most from this flag.

Binding Xbox 360 Buttons

The process is simple, simply go to Options->Controls->Bindings. From there just choose a binding with ‘A’ and then select the button you wish to bind with.


Recording Demos

Recording and playing back demos is the same as with any other Doom engine. To record demos, launch Doom64 EX with the -record parameter. Recording will remain persistent even between maps. To end recording, simply exit the game or use the EndDemo console command. Use -playdemo <demo lump file> to play back a demo lump.

Status On Mac OS X Support

A port for the Mac OS X is currently being worked on but has been delayed. I will make another post once the build is ready.

As usual, report any serious bugs encountered either by email or on the forums.


Status on version 2.4 and future plans

It seems like its becoming a common thing that I keep mentioning about the next Doom64EX release and then just drop off the face of the earth. With the holidays and all and having a ton of time now, I am going to be putting in full concentration on getting version 2.4 out the door. This version will be focused on addressing as many bugs and issues as possible (and maybe squeeze in some new features) and I am hoping to be done with it either by the end of this month or sometime in January.

Once version 2.4 is done, I will be focusing on version 3.0 which will be a huge milestone for Doom64EX. This will include porting the game code to C++ and migrating some of Kex2’s codebase over to Doom64EX. What does this mean? Probably nothing important, but aside from that, I will be focusing primarily on modding features. Some of these features will include:

  • Slopes
  • Static and dynamic lightmaps
  • Baked lightmaps (like Quake)
  • Nightmare flag (flag any monster to turn into a Nightmare-ish monster, similar to PSXDoom)
  • Better input system
  • Potential Client/Server system
  • Custom object definitions

Speaking of which, after the release of version 2.4, Doom64EX’s codebase will be migrated over to Github. Again, probably not a big deal for some, but its something developers may benefit from.

Baked lightmaps is probably one of the biggest features that I’ve been working on for Doom64EX and while its not ready for verison 2.4, it will be ready for version 3.0. I am very excited to see it fully functioning and hope it will spice things up for wad authors, allowing for more atmospheric environments and being able to create really cool shadows.

And below is a sneak peak of ‘Nightmare’ flags in action. Basically you can flag this on any monster and it will give it the ‘PSXDoom’ Nightmare look to it and doubles its health.

In other news, in case no one noticed, the forums has gone through quite a large makeover thanks to meleemario and sector666. They have done some amazing work on improving the forums.

So yeah, lots of exciting stuff and improvements coming soon! Cheers!

Forums Permanently Down & Future Plans

For those who haven’t noticed yet, the forums have suddenly stopped working due to unknown reasons. Unfortunately I have no plans on trying to restore the forums (or even figure out why it stopped working in the first place) and instead will look into a new hosting service whenever time is convenient for me.

I have begun focusing on TurokEX as top priority now and I will be updating Doom64EX whenever I am in the mood for it. I will continue to answer all questions asked and if there’s any major or critical bugs that were recently found, then I’ll address them. In addition to TurokEX, I have already made plans on working on a reverse-engineering project for the PSX port of Powerslave.

If there’s any questions relating to Doom64EX modding, then I suggest post any questions you may have on Doomworld’s forums and I’ll try to answer them as much as I can. I really appreciate your understanding (and patience) and I apologize about the demise of the forums and lack of updates.

Some Non-Doom64EX Related News

Around late August, I’ve started work on TurokEX which has somewhat consumed most of my life (and sanity). I’ve made a lot of progress since then but there’s still tons of work ahead and I’ve realized that I might be biting more than I can chew with this project.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, TurokEX is my next reverse-engineering project which aims to recreate the N64 game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (and eventually, the sequels). Unlike with Doom64EX, TurokEX will be using a new engine built from the ground up and also won’t be attempting to match the behaviors/mechanics of the game that accurately. The engine (Kex2) will support a Javascript interface which users can script many different aspects of the game. Most of these features that I am currently working on will also be brought over to Doom64EX eventually.

The engine is still in very early prototype stages and I’ve barely touched the actual gameplay mechanics. Most of the time spent was getting the initial framework implemented and designing a system that works best with Javascript’s interface. While this is currently a one-man project, I am always open for any contributers who can help me out in improving the engine.

No forums, website, etc is available yet though I will post some additional news about this project whenever I make further progress.

Kex2Prototype-1 Kex2Prototype-2 Kex2Prototype-3 Kex2Prototype-4


Not Dead Yet

Okay, so I said in my previous post that I was going to push out a new release by the end of 2012, unfortunately it didn’t go well as I was hoping for. I toyed around with several ideas for new features (like hi-res sprite scaling) but most of these features just didn’t work out very well and was kind of a let down for me. Come to think of it, I’ve been bummed out about a lot of things in this project.

The DS port has also been on hold for a while due to my DS dying. Though all there is left for that port is the missing graphics for the secondary screen. So far no one has offered to contribute those, though to be fair, I don’t think I brought this up often enough. I am also looking for someone to contribute porting Doom64EX to MacOS but so far I got nothing.

I have been dropping the ball a lot recently and I apologize. My obsession with TurokEX has taken up most of my spare time, though I will admit that there are some features that I intend on bringing over to Doom64EX whenever I begin working on it again.