Is Doom 64 EX a source port?

No. Though technically it is a PC-port of the original game, it is not a classified as a source port.

Does Doom 64 EX use any source code from the original game?

It uses the GPL’ed source code of Doom 2 released by id Software. Midway never released the source code to Doom 64 which means that the code unique to Doom 64 EX has been written from scratch with the aid of a disassembler to insure accuracy in certain areas.

Does Doom 64 EX include the actual game data or IWAD?

Absolutely no. In order to play Doom 64 EX, you must acquire the game’s ROM. You can purchase tools such as Doctor_V64 or Gameshark to dump the ROM from your Nintendo 64 cartridge. Doom64 EX does not provide the ROM and any emails or PMs sent requesting for the ROM will be ignored.

What is WadGen?

WadGen is a utility that comes with Doom 64 EX that will take the data from the ROM and output the necessary game files needed to run the game. WadGen will dump out an IWAD (game data) and a SoundFont file (sound data).

Are any tools being developed that will aid in modding for Doom 64 EX?

Yes. There is a modified Doom Builder in the works that will support Doom 64 editing as well as a custom BSP tool to compile Doom 64 levels. None of these tools are ready yet but testers or even programmers are welcomed to contribute so the tools can be released sooner.

Where can I get this modified Doom Builder?

This tool is not ready to be released yet.

What new features does Doom 64 EX support now?

  • Mouse input
  • XBOX 360 controller support
  • 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions
  • Console and cvar system
  • Crosshairs
  • Thumbnail preview for saved games
  • Capped or uncapped framerate
  • Enhance features for automap
  • Jumping and mouse looking
  • Developer options and debugging

Will multiplayer be supported?

Yes. Though right now Doom 64 EX has a somewhat functional network system but is highly unstable and is not recommended to play online games yet.

Is this project open source? Will the source code be released?

Source code hasn’t been released in package/zip/tar form but you can always visit the SVN repository on the SourceForge project page.

What platforms does Doom 64 EX support?

Doom 64 EX is only supported for Windows 32-bit operating systems. There are plans to support MAC-OS and *Unix systems but due to my limited knowledge on supporting these platforms, it will not be for a while until Doom 64 EX is able to support them. The sooner I can learn on using these operating systems, the sooner I can get Doom 64 EX up and running on those platforms. Ideally I am hoping to support 64-bit operating systems as well.

Can I run Doom 64 EX under Wine?

You could, but more likely something will fail to work like the audio system. It’s better to wait for an actual *Unix/MAC-OS build (though I hope that wait won’t be too long).

What new features will Doom 64 EX support in the near future?

Most of these features may not happen but it’s something I hope to do:

  • Truevision TGA support
  • GLSL shaders
  • Terrain system
  • Sector slopes
  • Scripting system using Python
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Stencil shadows
  • Model support
  • World meshes (akin to Unreal’s static meshes)
  • True plane/geometry collision detection
  • Improved widescreen support
  • Crouching
  • Sprite atlas system for sprite texture optimizations
  • True client-server network system

Are there any future projects planned for Kex Engine?

Yes, there has been some ideas floating around but most of them are not set in stone yet. One of the things I’ve been looking into is porting Doom 64 to the Nintendo DS. A basic demo was already produced just to see how much I can get away with and it seems doable to port Doom 64 to the DS platform.

There has been other ideas such as recreating the classic dos games like Blood and Powerslave using the Kex engine. Other games that I’ve considered recreating are Turok (N64) and Loaded (PSX).

For original games, I’ve been wanting to use total conversions for Doom such as Harmony and turn them into full-fledged games with the consent of it’s author(s).

Where can I get help with using Doom64EX?

Several options are available:

24 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi there! First of all, you got my thanks, Doom 64 TC was a great way to let us play Doom 64 again. And now with the EX version you have improved even more the game :D.

    I have a few questions:
    – Are there any plans to include the new levels such as “Forbidden Deeper” from the previous Doom 64 TC?
    – Are there any plans to finish and/or re-release the Outcast Levels that were made for Doom 64 TC using Kex engine?
    – And finally, are there any plans to upgrade Doom 64 EX to include new monsters such as Nightmare Spectre and Nightmare Cacodemon?

    Again, thank you very much. Keep up the great job! Peace.

    • To the developers: Agreed with this person 666%! Amazing work on this project! For the record, I got the latest version of the EX version and ran it in Wine on Linux, and played the first couple of levels. Everything looks fantastic so far, and no issues yet. I remembered about the Outcast Levels add-on but realized it was for the TC version and things are set up a bit differently in that, so I was going to ask about the add-on also…

      Anywho, again, excellent job on this!

  2. Yes the future ideas are awsome, with the last version the game is perfect, really dnt need much more things, maybe gamepad support, not only the Xbox360. Awsome Work. Doom4Ever.

  3. Wow! Now i can play the game with my mouse!! This truly is a nice game!
    I have 2 questions:
    Are you going to add enemies that where not added originally? (Chaingunner, etc.)

    Are you going to add more multiplayer options and maybe a website? You know, so we can have more options, change skin, etc. etc.

    But appart from those questions so far this is great, i play like a boss now that i can use my mouse, cheers bro!!!

  4. I had trouble compiling doom64ex in linux and had to make a few changes. My first problem was attempting to use the 2.3 branch as something regarding cmake finding the fluidsynth library has changed between that and 2.2. After switching to 2.2 I had to add libm to the target_link_libraries in the cmakelists.txt in both the kex and wadgen source directories, after that everything compiled fine.

  5. Hi there, any news on the DS port? Did you ever release it? I would love to play it! Also looking forward to Turok EX! 😀 Your work is amazing!

    • My old DS Lite died so I wasn’t able to do further development on it. For the most part it’s pretty much playable aside from minor bugs and issues. The source code is available if you wish to compile it yourself.

  6. This is the best thing ever, this entire port of Doom 64. When I realized that sv_fastmonsters 1 and sv_respawn 1 worked in Doom 64 EX? That opened up so many possibilities to me. I always thought that id was too limited by the consoles, and avoided Nightmare! to save it from crashing… but I mean, this is the sequel to Doom and Doom II! The final battle, lol. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  7. Kaiser I wasn’t sure how else to contact you I couldn’t find an email address on here, I would like to thank you for your awesome work though. I have been playing Strife Veteran Edition on steam lots and you did a really good job bringing that game to a modern audience. Now I would like to ask is there anyway in hell you could pry the powerslave/exhumed license from playmates interactive? That is another game that could really use a modern update, and you’re probably the best guy for the job. They probably aren’t doing anything with the license and I bet the guys at lobotomy would love to help you port this over if you had the opportunity. Exhumed was a game by gamers for gamers and it really deserved more recognition than it got much like strife. I know you have a lot going on but this was just an idea I wanted to throw out there , I would even volunteer my time ripping graphics and sounds from my saturn version if needed. Duke64 got a pc remake, doom64 got your splendid treatment. I really think PSX/Saturn Exhumed deserves the same as does the Build Engine PC version.

    • Thanks, Powerslave is something that I REALLY want to work on, but I know nothing about the status of Playmates and the status of the ownership. I’ve been looking for a way to contact Ezra Dreisbach but I’ve found no contact information. Apparently I was told that he now owns Powerslave.

  8. When ever I play CO-OP on Doom64EX using its launcher it came with, every time when I pick up any weapon, it says “0” on every single weapons ammo display & I cannot pick up items like a ghost but I only pick up power-ups. Is there a solution to fix this problem or am I doing something wrong?

  9. I’ve been playing Doom 64 for the first time in years this week with the subwoofer at max with a giant television on N64. My girlfriend keeps asking me to pull the blinds back up and turn the sound down. It really is the best iteration of Doom IMO. I was looking up some cool codes online and saw your site and the amazing work you’ve done. It was like seeing an old friend again.

    I’m not tech savy in the least. I have read that your Doom is a masterpiece.
    How does a poor mac owner with an N64 play this? (I’d be happy to send you a couple of bucks for your hard work)
    Can you explain like you would to a 4th grader on how to do this?
    Thanks in a advance. You are doing the lord’s..I mean Demon’s work!

  10. Hmm odd, I know I saw a free look option now I can’t seem to find it. I know there is the auto aim help option but no. I mean free look. I know there is in the TC version… Is there not in this version?

  11. The port is almost the original game. Flaws have. One of them. Compare the room with the demons at the end of the first level on the N64 . There will be a column with a beam of light , and a very different light.

  12. Just downloaded this and got the mouse look going with autoaim off. Totally gives a new breath of life to the definitive console version of doom, so many thanks for this its brilliant. Just one little thing I’ve noticed with the crosshairs. The bullets fired and the crosshairs don’t line up. The bullets hit under them. I noticed it when I was trying to shoot just the bare visible head of a demon and I had to aim a little higher above my target to compensate and make the hit. Is this some sort of issue?

  13. Pingback: Cannot Find A Game Iwad | Vornvarin

  14. “Can I run Doom 64 EX under Wine?

    You could, but more likely something will fail to work like the audio system. It’s better to wait for an actual *Unix/MAC-OS build (though I hope that wait won’t be too long).”

    Hi, this no longer seems to be true. Having a blast with this game on Linux using Wine. (Didn’t feel like trying to compile the source code or find a PPA… :P)

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