Update Soon

This upcoming week there will be an update to Doom 64 EX 2.0 which addresses some minor issues and glitches. If anyone has ran into any serious bugs or crashes, please email me at svkaiser–AT–gmail–DOT–com and include a crash log if it exists.

7 thoughts on “Update Soon

  1. I think it is absolutely awesome that you are working on this. Doom 64 EX, especially v2.0 (and I’m sure beyond), is the best way to play what I consider to be the best Doom game ever made. It runs great on Windows 7… THANK YOU!

  2. I agree with John T., what you are doing is cultural preservation of an absolute classic, keep up the good work!

    Btw, found some glitches/bugs:
    – Kill count on stats screen screwing up on levels with spawning enemies, occurs after loading a savegame where spawned enemies have been killed. Otherwise, completing an aforementioned level without loading displays the kill count correctly. Probably due to a variable that increments every time a monster is spawned, that doesn’t get properly stored in a savegame.
    – distance fog coloration mismatch noticed on MAP31 (In The Void), distant structures gets brighter if too far away (beyond the viewfog distance threshold?)

  3. Great work!

    Is there any way you can add the three most common 16:9 resolutions to the launcher? I know you can mod it from the console, but seeing as how 16:9 monitors are replacing 16:10… I would think if you could add 1280×720, 1366×768 and 1920×1080 that would be awesome.

    Between friends and family I see those res’s alot, especially on TVs – hooking up DOOM EX from a home theater PC to the TV is awesome!


    • I’ll look into that. I didn’t know 16:10 monitors are being replaced though. These changes should make it in for the next update soon.

      • Thanks!
        Yeah, has to do with cost yields. When 4:3 was still the most popular, it was cheaper to make 16:10 aspect ratio, but with the success of home theater/HDTVs and their 16:9 ratio, it is cheaper now to make 16:9 panels so guess which ratio manufactuers are supporting now (and into the future)? 16:9…

        It’s already on many netbooks, laptops and desktop monitors. 1080p is becoming very common, but I’d still support 1280×720 (16:9) and 1366×768 (16:9) for their popularity in smaller screens and older HDTVs.

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